Homeschool Creative Writing Tutoring 

Hello! I have been a public school English teacher for over ten years, and a published author for almost as long. I have my B.A. from Penn State for English Secondary Education, an a M.A. from Johns Hopkins in Writing. I’d love to tutor your secondary student in the fine art of fiction writing, and will be offering tutoring sessions depending on your needs. Below, you will find a variety of options available to each family, along with a fee schedule. Please contact me if you have any questions!

Private Tutoring (Weekends Only)

$40/hr – 1 hour classes

$150 for a 5 hour package

$350 for 10 hour package

* Private tutoring will take place at any Howard County public library OR Remotely Using Google Hangouts or Skype

* Classes can be scheduled in 1 or 2 hour blocks

* Students will need a Google email account to access Google Drive

* Scheduling classes can be worked out privately between the parent and myself

* All packages must be paid up front

* Hourly rates must be paid the day of tutoring

Group Tutoring (2-5 students per group, Weekends Only, In Person Only)

$20 per student – 5 hour package 

$15 per student – 10 hour package

* Must have at least two students to register. 

* Must be paid up front.

* All students must meet at the same times.

* Will take place at any Howard County Public Library (Remote Options Coming Soon!)

Online Critiquing 

This service is for any creative writing projects that you start at home and would like me to critique for your student to improve their work. The critique will include a full page of strengths, improvements and advice for both the student and the parent. This will be done through Google Drive, where we can keep track of changes and editing. Turnaround time will be 2-3 days.

$5/single-spaced page in 12 pt font for 3 page minimum and 7 page maximum

Online College Essay Editing/Critiquing 

This service is for students preparing to submit their college essays. This will include a complete edit, critique and write-up for improvements for the student. This will be done through Google Drive, where we can keep track of changes and editing. Turnaround time will be 4-5 days.

$25 per essay


* All payments will be invoiced through Paypal and will include Maryland tax of 6% per service for Maryland Residents. 

* Cancellation Policy:

- If the teacher cancels, there is no penalty to the parent and class will be rescheduled or  100% refunded.

- If the parent cancels with 24 hour notice, there is no penalty and class will be rescheduled or there can be a 100% refund

- If the parent cancels the day of class, class time will be paid in full. Rescheduling can occur at half price for that class. No refund will be given.

- In the instance of group classes, if any student cancels in the group, the group will still meet. 

-A 100% full refund will be given if a group falls below two students BEFORE group classes begin and the PACKAGE is cancelled 24 hours before the first class meets.

-AFTER group classes begin, 50% of the payment for the canceling student will be refunded if the group is cancelled with 24 hour notice. There will be no refund for the canceling student if they do not give 24 hour notice of canceling. This missed class cannot be rescheduled  unless that student meets privately with me instead.

- In the instance of group classes of two, if one of the students cancels and the other student doesn’t want to meet alone, that student can reschedule at no additional charge or be refunded their per student rate for that class.

- There will be no refunds for the online critiquing and college essay services. This payment is due at the time of submission. 


   - My tutoring scheduling is somewhat flexible. I do have other commitments/jobs and two children to work around. I am happy to work with you and your group about what dates would be best, but please be mindful of the cancellation policies which you’ve agreed to. 

- During the school year, I may or may not have openings on Monday or Friday for day classes. I am also a Home and Hospital teacher for Howard County, so this depends on how many students I currently have in my caseload. 

- Most in-person tutoring will have to take place on weekends, unless otherwise noted. 


Class Structure

I like to run my tutoring classes in a way that encourages creative minds to creatively compose. We will start with a creative writing prompt/free write, then I will talk about a fiction writing concept such as character or plot. After that, I give the student some time to write on their own, and then they will choose a section they would like to read to me and have critiqued. Students will also learn how to constructively critique pieces as well, which is a valuable skill to have. 

All work is done in Google Drive and will be shared with me. At the end of each class, I will provide a brief writeup to the parent so they can be aware of and have a record of progress made and what was learned in the class. This also helps me keep track of where I am with your particular student at any given time. 

I will provide each student with a questionnaire before our first class begins that will touch on what strengths in writing or creative writing they have, what they’d personally like to learn from our sessions together and other questions for me to get to know your student better. This also allows for me to tailor each session for each dynamic student. 

Group tutoring will also receive a questionnaire, but they will be run more like a formal creative writing class, with the same components mentioned above, but will run more linearly because they are purchased in bundles. Each student will still have a tailored experience, and they will all individually receive reports of their progress. 

What students write in our classes will be between me and the students UNLESS there is some concern that what is being written is indicative of any danger that might be present to the student or anyone else. In these cases, as a mandatory reporter, I will share the writing with the parent and will have to report such incidences to the proper agencies. This will be explained to each student and isn’t mean to discourage their writing. I am well aware of differences between creative liberties and what might be considered red flags. 

It is up to the student if they wish to share their class writing with anyone else outside of class. I will not share on their behalf without their express permission to do so, out of respect for the student and their writing. This is why I write up honest and clear reports for the parents, just so they know that there is work being done. 

Please feel free to contact me privately on facebook with any questions, or send your questions to stephaniethomasbooks at gmail dot com. Thank you!

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