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Wither by Lauren DeStefano

This book was an impulse buy on my part. I saw it sitting pretty on the shelf, and after reading the cover, I thought that it was just my type of reading. I even did a major no-no and put my other ‘currently reading’ books aside so that I could read this one. I don’t regret the decisions.

WITHER is truly remarkable. Rhine is a wonderfully-developed and well-written young heroine who has been captured and forced to become a bride along with two other young women. In a world where men die when they are twenty-five and women die when they are twenty, the rules of society have changed in order to sustain humanity, and Rhine finds herself caught in the middle of the game when all she really wants is to find her way back to her twin brother, Rowen. During her stay in her new home, she meets a house servant, Gabriel, and together they forge a plan to escape their lives of servitude and make their way back into the free world.

WITHER felt truly dystopian and not recycled or reused. It had a fresh concept that lends to much internal conflict which DeStefano has masterfully woven throughout her novel. I can’t wait for the next installment, FEVER, to come out. As an author, I appreciate WITHER on not only a storytelling level, but on a crafting level as well. I hope you also pick it up and put aside your other readings in favor of this one.

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